About the Faculty of Chemical Engineering

The Faculty of Chemical Engineering qualifies its graduates for numerous roles related to chemical engineering in industries and the scientific community. Chemical engineers work not only in the chemical industries, but in the oil, gas, food, pharmaceutical, textile, polymer, and paper industries as well as in service industries such as those connected with water, electricity and energy supply, and in environmental protection.

They can work with drugs, polymers, dyes, insecticides, metals, corrosion, catalysts, hazardous wastes, computer modelling, materials analysis, chemical process control, food processing and preservation, and much more, from the molecular level to the bulk handing of fluids and solids.

Just to mention some famous personalities of the faculty whose achievements have contributed to the high reputation of the university:

Many of the staff are members or leaders of international organisations (IUPAC, FETCH, UNESCO, IGCAC, AAUP, ISS, ACS, IOMGC), and/or editorial boards for international journals. Also there are staff members who have gained international prizes and awards (e.g. Robert Boyle Gold Medal, Talanta Gold Medal etc.) for their work. Six professors are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, of which some are also members of other national academies.

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