If you click on any of the yellow points of the map, the view of that scene will appear on the screen in a window!

CH Building of Chemics
K  Central Building
KO Central Library
F  Building of Physics
MM Building of Technical Mechanics
MT Building of Mechanical Technology
HO Thermal Technical Laboratory
L  Engine Laboratory
U  Laboratory of Road and Water
EL Laboratory of Construction Industry
AE Building of Flow Theory
DC Laboratory Building
J  Building of Transport Engineering
A  Building of Economics
G  Building of Manufacturing Technology
TR Educational Nuclear Reactor
1  Restaurant Goldmann
2  Restaurant Stoczek
3  Student Hostel Martos
4  Student Hostel Vasarhelyi
5  Student Hostel Karman
6  Workshop,Storehouse
R,T,H  Educational Buildings
E,St,Z Educational Buildings
D  Educational Building of Mechanical Engineering Faculty
V1,V2 Educational Buildings of Electrical Engineering Faculty