From the Western to Eastern Railway Station

To the south of Szent István körút side streets lead to the administrative and government district, and to the north to new residential quarters. This section of the Great Boulevard ends in the busy traffic junction of Nyugati tér. On this square is the main entrance of the Western Railway Station (see picture below), which was the first station in Budapest and is still a very busy one. The present building was erected in 1874-77 on the site of the original station of 1846. It was designed by the Paris firm of Gustave Eifel; the iron roof-structure of the great hall is a characteristic feature of its architecture. The Western Railway Station and its vicinity are being completely rebuilt; the project, to be completed by the mid-1980s, includes the construction of an overpass for motor traffic, underground passages for pedestrians, a metro station, and a new big department store, as well as the complete reconstruction of the railway station itself, an architectural landmark. From Nyugati tér the Great Boulevard continues as Terez körút, crosses Andrássy út and Rákóczi út, the busiest shopping street, which is full of department stores. The latter will take you to the Eastern Railway Station. The Great Boulevard continues to Petôfi Bridge as József körút and then as Ferenc körút. From Nyugati tér, Váci út, lined with factories, leads northwards in the direction of the Slovak frontier and, to the south, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út takes us to the Little Boulevard.