Below Fishermen's Bastion, in a bend of the road, stands the statue of Hunyadi (the work of István Tóth). János Hunyadi-the future King Matthias' father-was a famous military commander who in 1456 repulsed the Turkish attack at Nándorfehérvár (today's Belgrade); it was to commemorate his victory that Pope Calixtus III ordered that church bells should be sounded every noon. Not far away stands a replica of the famous statue of Saint George, by the Kolozsvári brothers. (The 1373 original can be seen in Prague.) In the upper court of the Fishermen's Bastion stands an equestrian statue of (Saint) Stephen I (by Alajos Stróbl, 1906), the first king of Hungary (1001-1038) and founder of the State.