Váci utca

To the south of Vörösmarty tér starts Váci utca, which together with the neighboring streets, is the chief shopping centre of Budapest, with many gift and Eashion shops. It also contains some interesting buildings. For instance, No. 9 used to be an inn (it was rebuilt in 1840 by József Hild), in the banquet-hall of which the 11-year-old Ferenc Liszt once gave a con- cert. Today it houses the Pest Theater.

The façade of No.11 is covered with Zsolnay ceramics. Kristóf tér leads to Martinelli tér where the Art Nouveau ornaments on the house at No. 5 strike the eye, and further, behind the Baroque façade of the Serviette Church, we can see the beautiful Baroque building of the Town Hall (9-11 Városház utca, V). It was built between 1727 and 1735 to the designs of the Italian architect Martinelli to house disabled ex-service men. Since 1894 it has been the Central Municipal Town Hall.

The 190 meter (210 yds.) long façade with its 47 windows, surmounted in the centre by the tower of the. former chapel, is an impressive sight. The neo-Classic building at No. 7 Városház utca, now the Pest County Hall, was also built in the first part of the nineteenth century. In its artistically designed courtyard open-air concerts are held.