The southern part of the Island

There is only one motor road, which runs the length of the island (but open only for buses); otherwise there are only footpaths. Century-old trees, quiet walks, a flower-garden, romantic ruins and á little game-reserve offer relaxation to people tired of the noise of the city, old and young alike. At the Margaret Bridge entrance to the island the visitor sees a fountain and the Centenary Monument (by István Kiss, 1972) erected on the hundredth anniversary of the union of Pest and Buda. The Stadium is a children's sports establishment.

On the Buda side of the island is the Alfréd Hajós Sports Swimming Pool, with an indoor pool 133.5m (37 yds.) long and two open-air ones of 33.5 and 50 m. ( 55 yds.); further on, in the centre of the island, are the Palatinus Outdoor Baths. The latter occupy an area of 17.5 acres and the three pools are filled with therapeutic water. In front of it we find the city's most beautiful rosegarden. Not far away, on the open-air stage next to the water tower, opera, operetta and ballet perform- ances are held. There is an open-air cinema which functions in the summer and nearby we find the Tennis Stadium.