Dobos Gâteau


(for 16 slices)


Beat 6 eggs yolks with 120 g castor sugar, then gradually add 200 g flour and the stiffly beaten whites of 6 eggs and 30 g melted butter. Spread on a upturned, greased and floured sponge tin and bake 6-10 rounds from mixture. Caramelize 150 g sugar with 1-2 drops of vinegar and pour over the most attractive slice. Before the toffee hardens, use a knife to cut lines on the surface to mark the slices. To make the cream filling, mix 4 spoons of milk, 150 g castor sugar and 100 g grated chocolate in a bowl over boiling water, beating until thick. Allow to cool then whisk with 20 g castor sugar flavoured with vanilla and 200 g butter. Spread this cream on the sponge rings and on the side of the cake, carefully place the ring with the toffee on the top and decorate with whipped cream.

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