Ormánság Stuffed Pork Spare Rib

Ormánsági töltött dagadó


1 kg/2 lb pork spare rib, 150 g/6 oz smoked bacon, 150 g/6 oz pig's liver, 2 bread rolls, milk, 2 eggs, 2 tablespon lard, 1 onion (chopped), 1 clove of garlic, ground white pepper, marjoram, paprika, salt


Have the meat boned by the butcher. Make a slit down the middle with a sharp knife, and enlarge cut by hand to form a kind of tube.

Soak the rools in mil, squezze out the excess. Fry the onion a tablespoon lard until brown. Mix together the bread, fried onion, chopped bacon, roughly chopped liver liver and eggs. Season with crushed garlic, pepper, salt paprika and marjoram. Slightly salt the inside and outside of the meat, spread the stuffing inside. Sew up buth ends to prevent the stuffing leaking during cooking.

Heat the rest of the lard in a roasting tin and brown the meat on both sides. Place ina fairly hot oven (200 C/400 F). Baste from time to time. Take out of the oven half anhoutr before serving, so that the stuffing set a little. Remove the string and cut into slices.

Recommended wines

Pusztamérgesi rizling, Tokaji pecsenyebor

Edited by: János Mohácsi (mohacsi@fsz.bme.hu)