Stuffed Chicken

Töltött csirke


1 chicken (about 1 and half kg/3 lb), 200 g/8 oz field mushrooms, 100 g/4 oz lard or chicken fat, fat rendered from 50 g/2 oz smoked bacon, 1 egg, 2 dry bread rools, 100 ml/2 and half fl oz milk, half teaspoon ground white pepper, half an onion (chopped), a bunch of parsley (chopped), salt


Carefully separate the skin from chicken, starting at the neck. Salt the inside of the chicken and the meat under the skin.

Chop mushrooms and fry them in the bacon fat. Soak the rools in mail an water, crumble them and mix with an egg, salt, pepper, chopped onion, parsley and mushrooms. Use forcing to spread part of this stuffing under the chicken skin and put the rest inside the chicken.

Heat the chicken fat in a roasting tin and brown the chicken on each side. Cover the tin with foil or a lid, place in a moderate oven (180 C/350 F) for about 1 hour, basting occasionally. Let the chicken rest for 25-30 minutes before carving, to give the stuffing time to set.

Recommended wines

Csopaki olaszrizling, Balatonfüredi rizling

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