Venison with Forest Berry Relish

Ôzgerinc erdei ízesítéssel

(for 4-6 persons)


Lard a 1.5 kg saddle of venison generously with 200 g smoked bacon cut into thin strips. Mix a few crushed black peppers, juniper berries and coriander seed with 5 cl oil, 2 tablespoons od mustard and salt and spread on meat. Slice 2 onions and heap on the meat, wrap in foil and leave to stand for 2 days. Before cooking, wipe the spices off the meat, brush lightly with oil, roast for 25-30 minutes in a hot oven until medium done, slice and rearrange the meat on the bone to serve. Accompany with stewed onf preserved fruit.
Edited by: János Mohácsi (