Sopron Wedding Soup

Soproni lakodalmas leves


1 chicken (1200 g/2 and half lb), 2 stock cubes, 2 carrots, 2 parsley roots, 1 wedge of celeriac, 1 wedge of cabbage, 50 g/2 oz mushrooms, 1 small onion, 1 clove of garlic, 1 small piece of ginger root, 100 g/4 oz vermicelli, pepper, salt

Ingredients for dumplings

200 g/8 oz pig's or calf's liver (chopped), 1 small onion (finely chopped), 1 tablespoon of lard, 2 bread rools, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon lard, 1 tablespoon breadcrumbs, half teaspoon marjoram, half a bunch parsley (chopped), salt


Use a flesh roasting chicken, not a botling fowl which would require longer cooking and which are sometimes dry and stingy. You could make the dumplings from chicken livers.

Dissolve the stock cubes in 4 litres (7 pints) of hot water in a very large saucepan. Add the whole chicken and bring the stock to boil. Remove the scum as it rises with a perforated spoon.

Dice all vegetables and add to thw soup, season with the ginger, pepper and salt. Simmer for about one hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the dumplings. Melt the lard and fry the onion and parsley. Add to the liver, sokaed and crumbled rolls, eggs, herbs, salt, flour and breadcrumbs. Shape round dumplings from mixture and boil them in salted water for about 20 minutes.

Boil vermicelli separately.

When the chicken is tender, cut it up and discard any loose bones and skin.

Arrange the chicken pieces in a tureen, cover with the vermicelli and dumplings. Pour the liquid over them and finally add the vegetables.

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