About Hungary's geography

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Hungary occupies the low-lying areas of the Carpathian basin. Two-thirds of the territory consist of plains below 200 metres.

Some data

Area: 93,030 square km, 1% of the area of Europe

Northern latitude 45 48' - 48 35'
Eastern longitude 16 05' - 22 58'

State border length: 2,242 km
of which
the Ukraine 215 km
Romania 432 km
former Yugoslavia 631 km
Austria 356 km
Slovakia 608 km
Height above sea level:
under 200 m 84%
200-400 m 14%
above 400 m 2%
Highest peak: Kekes 1014m (in the Matra mountains)

Longest rivers:
Danube - Hungarian stretch 417 km (full length 2,860 km)
(tributaries: Raba, Drava, Sio, Ipoly)
Tisza - Hungarian stretch 598 km (full length 962 km)
(tributaries: Szamos, Kraszna, the Koros rivers, Maros, Hernad, Sajo, Berettyo)

Largest lakes:
Balaton 598 square km surface area
Velence lake 26 square km surface area
Ferto lake 322 square km surface area (Hungarian part 82 square km)

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