Background pictures for the Traffic screensaver

Szolnok station and neighbourhood
Photos from Germany:
    Photos from Baden 1
        Wutach valley railway
        Black Forest line
    Photos from Baden 2
        Höllental line between Freiburg and Titisee
        Shipping over the Titisee
        Triangular junction Tuttlingen - Immendingen - Hattingen
    Photos from Bavaria
        Railway line Gieseing - Aying
        Altmühl Valley between Eichstätt and Treuchtlingen
        "Schiefe Ebene" (inclined plane) near Marktschorgast
    Cities and neighbourhood in Bavaria
        Nuremberg and Fuerth
    Photos from Saxony
        Viaduct of Markersbach (Ore Mountains)
        Viaducts in the Vogtland
        Viaduct between Wegefarth and Oberschöna
        Railways of the Wilsdruff narrow gauge net
    Photos from Württemberg
        City of Calw
        Ammer valley line between Tübingen and Herrenberg
        Danube valley between Tuttlingen and Sigmaringen
    Isle railway Amrum
Photos from Spain
Photos from Czechia:
    Trackside from Czechia
    Bridges from Czechia
Full screen backgrounds - mixed
    Italian Alpes
Backgrounds with a fictitious railway line
Backgrounds without a railway track
Backdrop Warehouse pictures:
    Plain, agricultural
    Hills 1
    Hills 2
    Mountains 1
    Nordic sceneries
    USA 1
    USA 2
Background stripes
Painted backgrounds
Stadtbahn Berlin

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