About the picture collection

On these pages you find a huge collection of pictures in the size 1 pixel = 10 cm. The pictures can be used in several programs (Traffic Screensaver, MM&MM screensaver, BahnLand, Railway32, Train Side View - if they are stored in the right format. The BahnLand and Railway32 formats are included in the last weeks, the Train Side View format is missing at the moment - it is coming soon.

There are more purposes for me to maintain this collection:

This site is in no way a replacement for the author's sites, because the individual style, the descriptions about the vehicles are missing here. On the authors site's you find often photos, the history of the vehicle - and you find the newest pictures on the authors's sites first. There are more and more sites of railway clubs, fans, who draw or show the vehicles they are interested in or they own - and they know the most about them. At each picture the author's site is only one click away from you!

The pictures are sent directly to me, or I collected them from the internet (only one site's pictures are missing due to lack of the author's permission). The copyrights of all of the pictures belong to their respective authors. They belong to 3 different categories regarding the usage of them:

This pictures were converted to the Traffic Scrensaver formats. Simetimes I separate the coaches, wagons; change the way the pantographs are defined, make them transparent; if the picture has more than 200 colours, I decrease the number of colours in it - of course the author shown here is the original author. The other download formats - MM&MM, BahnLand, Railway32 - are generated by my program from the Traffic format, so the picture files found on this site are not identical with the picture files of the authors!

The authors for the MM&MM screensaver use the _SAR pictures for two different purposes:

As I need to differentiate between this two things (the _SAR pictures are used in the Traffic screensaver to animate the pantographs, the connection between the two sides of a vehicles is needed for the BahnLand format), this collection uses the convention to append an L to the picture name to denote the left side's picture.

The pictures are often renamed:

The numbers following the section titles show the amount of the pictures contained in the section. The format is: <total number> (<free pictures> / <from demo programs> / <protected pictures>).

Please feel free to report errors, suggestions about the collection (and the Traffic Screensaver too). If you have ideas for better chapter titles, description item titles (it is hard to find the english or german words for some railway related words even in big dictionaries), how to sort and separate some subsets into sections (based on era, line on which they ware used or something other) - write me. For example, the german passenger coaches collection needs a total reordering - but I do not know this coaches good enough to make a better organisation in the collection (Everywhere, where the titles are only numbers, it means, I had no idea for any names, but I should cut the set not to have huge web pages in the collection). Notices about the pictures itself please write directly to the authors - ( but before writing please check the authors site, possibly there is already an update) - the author's e-mail addreses are also available at the pictures.

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